FFNE Champions

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Families Flourish Northeast is grateful for the support of Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the planning and start-up of our organization. The initial ideas for a residential treatment program focusing on the needs of women and their children came from patient needs identified at Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Moms in Recovery perinatal addiction treatment program. Since then, Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s clinical providers and its Population Health/Community Health team have provided advice, clinical expertise, technical assistance, and financial contributions to help FFNE establish its clinical approach and grow as an organization.

UNC Horizons Program

UNC Horizons is a research proven, long-standing residential program at the University of North Carolina Raleigh. Horizons has provided visits to its program and is committed to an ongoing advising role to our clinical leadership through the development and launch phases of our program. FFNE appreciates Horizons’ support in crafting effective policies and procedures to be utilized upon opening.

Twin Pines Housing Trust

Families Flourish is grateful for Twin Pines Housing’s involvement in site acquisition activities since the inception of FFNE in 2019. TPH and FFNE will continue working closely during the final planning phase of the project to ensure an operational facility is open by mid/late 2022. TPH will also remain a key community service partner to provide essential supportive housing services to women upon graduating from the FFNE program.


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FFNE is excited to work with others in the community to increase access to substance use disorder treatment for pregnant and parenting women. A safe place that welcomes mothers to stay with their children during recovery has become a necessity in our region. Collaboration will be key to our success. Please subscribe to stay informed on the progress of our project or contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.

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